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Waco Eagles MX Park

Founded in 1934, Waco Eagles MX Park (formerly known as The Waco Motorcycle Club) is one of the oldest continuously operating off-road motorcycle facilities in the USA.

On-site we have trails, motocross tracks and a half-mile oval flat track. Access to the property is limited to members except for scheduled events such as motocross races held the 3rd Sunday of each month. No membership is required to race with us. Members are issued a key to the property that allows you free access on non-event days to ride at your pleasure.

Click Here for more information on current track conditions. You call also our track recorder at 254-875-9955. We do suggest to always call before you haul.

Waco Eagles MX Park is a Texas Parks & Wildlife Facility - OHV Decals Required

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An OHV decal is required by law (Chapter 29 of the Parks & Wildlife Code) for all individuals operating an OHV in Texas at an OHV legal venue which is located on the public lands of Texas, or on lands which have received OHV grants from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.  Texas OHV decals are $16 and are good Sept. 1 - Aug. 31 of the following year.

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Waco Eagles MX Park

Where Adrenaline Meets Texas Trails!

Waco Eagles MX Park is a member-owned facility. As a member, you are a representative of the club. In essence, this becomes your house. Please take care of what we have! There is no paid staff. The entire facility is completely managed and maintained by volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts and the love of our sport.

This is a family-friendly facility. Please conduct yourselves, as if you would have someone act around your children in your home. All members are responsible for their conduct, and the conduct of their guest (riding or not).

Each member is given a gate key. A gate that must remain locked at all times secures the property. Emergency personnel have access to the property via a combination lock; all others use a key. Do not loan out your key!

Our facility is for the exclusive use by our members only. Encourage those that wish to use our facility to become a member, the cost is $225 per year for their entire household. It works out to be $14.58 per month and that's not a lot to ask. Our survival depends on memberships.

The Waco Eagles MX Park has a membership body is made up of every profession and walk of life. Take the time to introduce yourself and get to know the other club members.

Our Facility

At Waco Eagles MX Park, we offer some of the finest amenities you'll find in the motocross scene!

On-site we have trails, motocross tracks and a half-mile oval flat track. Our facility amenities also include Campgrounds with Bathrooms available.

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