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Waco Eagles MX Park is a member-owned facility. As a member, you are a representative of the club. In essence, this becomes your house. Please take care of what we have! There is no paid staff. The entire facility is completely managed and maintained by volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts and the love of our sport. Everyone is responsible for ensuring that the club and its property are the best that it can be. If you see something that needs tending to, take care of it. If you are not able to do so, take the time to let someone know who can. This is a family friendly facility. Please conduct yourselves, as if you would have someone act around your children in your home. All members are responsible for their conduct, and the conduct of their guest (riding or not). A gate that must remain locked at all times secures the property. Emergency personnel have access to the property via a combination lock; all others use a key. Do not loan out your key! On one side of your key is the number 48, on the other side is a unique number that is recorded so we know whom it belongs to. Verify that anyone attempting to enter or leave the property without a key is a member. Any person that unlocks the gate for a non-member will be subject to their membership being revoked. Think of it this way, you are paying for the privilege of membership and the use of our facility, why shouldn’t the other people? Unauthorized users of our property are considered trespassers and will be prosecuted. Our facility is for the exclusive use by our members only. Encourage those that wish to use our facility to become a member, the cost is $225 per year for their entire household. It works out to be $14.58 per month and that's not a lot to ask. Our survival depends on memberships.

The Waco Eagles MX Park has a membership body is made up of every profession and walk of life. Take the time to introduce yourself and get to know the other club members.

Welcome to the club!

The Waco Eagles MX Park facility is for use by members only, on non-race days, and is secured with a key lock. All members are issued (Non Duplicable) security keys. A membership year is from June 1 through May 31. If you need to purchase, or renew your membership, contact Bargers Allsports in Waco @ 254-662-1717 or Munn Racing in Elm Mott @ 254-829-0004. FOR TRACK CONDITIONS call 254-875-9955 (track recorder). For your convenience, you may download and print the Membership Application.

Make note that the Waco Eagles MX Park facilities are for use by members only, all others are considered trespassing and will be prosecuted.. Under no circumstances is a member to loan their key or allow a riding non-member access to the club property or facilities. Failure to comply will result in the member losing club privileges. A member will not open the gate for anyone without verification that the person entering of leaving is a current member. A current key or membership card will be proof. Members will close and lock the gate upon entering and leaving the property. EMS and emergency personnel have access to the property.

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